Our Services

Suggest Link Add offers the following services to its online casino gaming clients:

  • SEO services
  • Social media marketing services
  • Viral marketing service

SEO services are at the core of what we do at Suggest Link Add. This service involves the creation of meaningful content designed to position our clients as experts in the field and increase page views. The rules being employed by search engines such as Google and Bing have forced SEO companies to make sure that the content they create answers the question being asked by a web searcher. This relevancy adds to the reliability and relevancy of a search engine, which in turn results in higher rankings.

Optimizing the search engine results of our online casino partners makes finding you online easier. Through topic driven content that provides information specific to a question that a web searcher may pose (i.e. “How do I create an online gaming account”) SEO techniques using content management strategies improves the quality of those you seek to do business with. Our SEO services position you as a subject matter expert, pushing your web pages to the top of search engine results in order to drive a consistent, better quality player.

In addition to offering SEO services and content management, Suggest Link Add provides social media marketing services. Social media marketing involves media that you own, such as your company’s Twitter and Facebook accounts. The object of social media marketing is to maximize their utility to you as a means to communicating a message about your online casino and develop followers who will eventually convert into business relationships.

Suggest Link Add provides you with a coordinated approach to link all of your social media accounts across different platforms in order to unify messaging to ensure that the widest audience is exposed to you. Getting your various social media accounts to work in tandem turns your online presence into a digital marketing machine that produces verifiable results. Our results oriented service of making social media accounts promote your business in a seamless way capitalizes on your social media presence and makes it work for you and your online casino.

Viral marketing service are a newer service we provide to help you create the popularity of your online casino. We can take a service such as YouTube, post a video or pre-produced promotional media and upload it to the site in order to create a buzz around its popularity. Doing so allows your video to go viral – become exceedingly popular – increasing the number of video likes and giving us an opportunity to further market your brand.

Consider the challenge of launching a viral marketing campaign. More than 100 hours of YouTube video is uploaded online every minutes. Nearly 5 million content pieces make there way to Facebook everyday. The point is getting noticed is difficult among this sea of new content being uploaded. Going viral is nearly impossible. Suggest Link Add understands the complexity of going viral and employs strategies that get your video noticed.

These are a few of the services we provide at Suggest Link Add to increase your online casino’s presence. Working together we developed a planned approach that uses a combination of these approaches in order to maximize the impact of your digital marketing campaign. All that we do on your behalf of Suggest Link Add takes place in the form of a written plan that we agree to in writing before commencing any work on your behalf.

Our services are based on the current technologies and best practices of our industry. We align those services, based on our consultation with you, to obtain verifiable goals and improve your online presence. If you speak to any of the clients of Suggest Link Add they will all tell you that the approach we take and the services we offer create digital marketing campaigns that are successful and result in the outcome you desire for growing a web presence.

Contact Suggest Link Add for an evaluation of your digital marketing strategies. Learn what we have to offer in terms of SEO services, social media marketing services and viral marketing services. We believe you will walk away with a better understanding of how these services, when working together, can have a meaningful positive impact for your online casino.