5 Best Websites for Online Gaming

Sometimes you may need some form of relaxation to unwind from the day’s stress. So you go online to do some Internet browsing or watch online movies or videos.

Though this can help to pass time but what happens when you get bored of watching online movies or videos and tired of surfing the internet. Then it makes sense to consider playing some online games.


Some of these games fit for kids while some others fit for adults, like casumo casino. Some involve shooting, some are adventure games, while some are intellectually challenging and require your skills and IQ, such as board games and puzzle-solving games. You can spend your time on these games whenever boredom sets in. On the casino slot games there are free spins offered which you can use to play for free and check out if you like the game.

lots of websites

There are lots of websites that offer large collections of online games but some of the games on these websites are uninteresting and only add to boredom. But we have collated 5 best websites for online gaming below that are a great starting point to help you overcome boredom. These websites contain lots of interesting popular games you can choose from.



Miniclip appears as the first online gaming website on our list because it is the best website where you can play lots of interesting online games. Miniclip contains games categories like action, empire, pool, puzzle, etc.
More so, Miniclip is a free gaming website and you may choose to create an account or not. Though you can play any game without creating an account, creating an account enables you to create your avatar as well as keep track of your game scores and rankings.
You would also need to create a league on Miniclip if you want to compare your scores and rankings with your friends’.


This is also a free online gaming website with over two hundred interesting games to choose from. Online games on Pogo include board games, word games, mahjong, puzzle, casino, etc. Aside from offering free online games, players are able to win prizes up to $50. Users can receive this prize by playing games continually and collecting as many tokens as possible.
Although registration is totally free, users must register on Pogo to get their rewards. You would also need to create your own avatar to chat with your friends online.


FOG means “Free Online games,” and the website proved this in all ways. The website contains lots of online games that are well organized and categorized. Simply make your choice and start playing the game – you don’t even need to register. Nevertheless, just like other websites, you would have to register to keep a track of your scores, rankings, and achievements as well as to earn points and badges. For wide accessibility, FOG can be translated into about 30 languages. More so, the most played game can be found at the top right corner of the webpage.


This is the last online gaming website on our list. This website offers lots of games for users including action, adventure, boards, cards, time management, racing, jigsaw, puzzle, and word games. Shockwave doesn’t require users to register to play games and the most played games can be found on the website’s home page.


So, these are the 5 best websites for online gaming. With lots of games on each of these websites,
there is no doubt you would enjoy hours of fun. Pick any of these games and see how you like the
game. Remember, when you get bored with a game, simply move on to another game – you’ve got
lots of them.