5 Best Websites to Learn Website Design

In today’s world, where businesses are moving from bricks-and-mortars to having an online presence, everyone needs to know how to code.

website designing

Even if you already have a basic understanding of website designing, learning is a continuous process and you should always update your knowledge to keep abreast of the unending new trend in web designing.

online resources

Though there are lots of online resources available that claim to teach everything about web designing, it is very easy to run into the problem of deciding which website to choose, especially for the most ambitious self-starters.


So if you already have basic knowledge in web designing or just want to learn website design, here are the 5 best websites to learn website design. All you need is diligence, motivation, hard work and perseverance.


This is a free and most popular website to learn website design and web technologies in general. It contains large training resources, which include tutorials and references on HTML, XHTML, CSS, XML, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, SQL, JSON, AngularJS, XQuery, Bootstrap, Node.js, AJAX, etc.
This makes w3schools receive over 10 million learners monthly. To help learners, W3Schools provides lots of code examples. It also offers an online editor, which enables learners to edit code examples, and a sandbox, which enables learners to execute the edited code.


This is also a very popular website where you can learn website design. However, you would have to pay for the training. This website is good for individuals that want to learn coding and website design and also companies who want to train their employees on web designing.
The courses were created by experts and offer via their online platform. Aside from written texts, Udemy also offers a lot of video lectures on website design, website development, etc. Courses on Udemy start from about $60.


Just as its name sounds, this is a course-based online academy that offers training on website design, coding, and other web technologies. To start learning, a student must choose a training path e.g. website design. Each training path includes several lectures beginning from the basics training to the advanced practical application of the training. Being an academy, Codeacademy’s website design training is not free.


Similar to W3School, FreeCodeCamp also offers free training on website design and other web technologies. In fact, it is another best free online platform to learn website design. FreeCodeCamp covers various topics you need to learn to become a professional website designer – HTML, XHTML, PHP, SQL, CSS (Grid, Sass, Bootstrap, and Flexbox), Javascript (React and Jquery), etc. More so, FreeCodeCamp teaches everything about designing a responsive website. To test your knowledge and proficiency, FreeCodeCamp offers several exercises and projects.


If you want to learn website design, you can visit any of the websites listed above for training. You may enrol on two or three websites simultaneously to reinforce your knowledge.
Note that the free websites do not monitor your training progress so you need to exercise commitment and self-disciple while the paid websites guide you through the training process and offer certificate at the end of the training.