5 Beste online casinos
The way we choose the beste online casinos might be somewhat different than what you are used to. You would probably evaluate the bonuses, the casino games, the customer support and payment methods that you can use in the casino.
However, we like to look at the layout of a casino. From a marketing perspective, that might be one of the most important things. After all, even an online casino only gets once chance to make a first impression. And since the competition in this industry is brutal, it’s twice as important to make sure that it’ll be positive. Let’s take a look at some casinos that managed.

Spinia Casino

If you search google for “best casinos”, Spinia is surely going to come up at the top of that list. This has a number of reasons. First of all, the casino is great from the players’ point of view. It offers a great welcome bonus, followed by a number of regular bonuses and an interesting VIP program. When you navigate to the lobby, you’ll quickly notice that you can play all the well-known games at this casino. Secondly, from a marketers’ point of view this casino is easy on the eyes. It’s actually extremely easy on the eyes. And everything is so easy to find. That’s not all though. Every page has a FAQ section underneath it with relevant casino questions. This was a real genius move. It got Spinia Casino a well-deserved number one spot.

Bob Casino

Bob Casino is appealing to players in the first place because of Bob the mascot. Even though not many players know that this is the same Bob as the one from the Bob’s Coffee Shop slot machine by BGaming. If the word got out, Bob Casino would probably end up a lot less appreciated by certain players. And maybe more by others. Anyway, you ‘ll always get a warm welcome from Bob with a great bonus that is followed up with many promotions and an excellent loyalty program. On the games front you don’t have anything to complain about either, so most players love it here. Of course, Bob is also great for marketing purpose that’s why this casino gets a second spot in the list of 5 beste online casinos.

Betchan Casino

You might find this casino a bit sober, but it is everything but. The colour of choice might be dark, but the options are very colourful. There are always a lot of bonuses, from the moment you sign up. You can also find a VIP program and a whole lot of games. This is probably the casino with most games in this list of beste online casinos. That’s why it’s number 3. From a players’ point of view, there’s nothing wrong with this casino. And really, it isn’t much. But the dark colour and the big chunks of texts that actually don’t say anything don’t do much for a real marketing fan. But if that’s the worst thing, this casino is still at the top of the industry.

Cookie Casino

Who doesn’t like a cookie? Probably everyone does. Especially when it’s accompanied by a nice cup of coffee. And cookies are what you’ll get in this casino. Not real cookies, but cookies that’ll bring you welcome bonuses, advance you in the VIP program, bring you even more bonuses and cookies that categorise all of your favourite games. It might be a bit childish for some players, but you have to admit that the casino does earn some points for originality. And because, if you take away the cookies, the casino is still very good.

Pronto Casino

At Pronto Casino everything is a little bit different. You’ll get to choose from a fewer amount of games, you will be entitled to fewer bonuses, the customer support team doesn’t work throughout the night and there is only one payment method. So why is this casino still in the list of beste online casinos? It’s simple, because of the comfort it offers. Because between everything you don’t get, a hassle is the last thing you need. And something that you can avoid here as you don’t even need to create an account.