How online casino’s like BetChan need SEO

iGaming is one of the most competitive niches in the world. Where most casinos have little to set them apart from their competitors, SEO is becoming the only way for casino companies to get traffic. This is where we at excel. We are the best in a world where simply being good is not enough. Our team tackles all aspects of SEO. We do everything to ensure your casino brand outranks all the others on SERPs. We offer everything from on-page SEO to technical SEO and link building. Our team works in perfect harmony to give your casino the edge. Through the years, we have worked with several major casino brands to increase their organic traffic.

Why SEO is so important for casinos

Just like any online business, online casinos are active competitors for the number one spot on Google SERPs. They need to outrank their competitors on an increasingly dense market. Every day, new casinos are being launched, creating competition and headaches for established brands like casino Betchan. Still many casinos neglect their SEO, relying purely on affiliates for traffic. This is a risky strategy and it comes with a high cost.

Affiliates usually direct traffic to the highest bidder, meaning casinos inevitably lose a large chunk of their revenue. Much of this money could have been spent on a decent SEO optimisation for their existing site. After all, organic traffic is always cheaper than paid traffic. Just a few thousand dollars of SEO optimization could give a casino brand millions of dollars’ worth of free traffic.

Casino SEO

Casino SEO

Casino SEO is just like SEO for any other niche. However, it has its own unique challenges. Many SEO agencies simply refuse to deal with casinos, as casinos are illegal or at least frowned upon in most countries. The competition also makes it harder to rank for casino-related keywords.

On Page SEO

Our team of SEO specialists and SEO copywriters will ensure you have the best casino content, while having the right keywords in the right density. We focus on the sales aspect as well, meaning your traffic will also convert to depositing players.

Technical SEO

We ensure that your website is perfectly implemented, with page elements, HTTP header responses, XML Sitemaps, redirects, meta data and more. We make sure your pages are crawler-friendly, with fast loading times.

Off Page SEO and Linkbuilding

Strong backlinks are important to any category of site, including casinos. Link building can be very challenging for casino, since it is hard to get links in an organic way. This has led to SEOs relying on paid links and PBNs for casino. We have our own database of a reliable and affordable casino-related websites with organic traffic, as well as a set of PBNs which are useful for casino link building.

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By choosing us as your iGaming SEO partner, you can assure yourself of more traffic, SEO best practices, peace of mind and higher revenue streams. If you want to use some of our SEO services, whether technical SEO, on page SEO or linkbuilding, simply Contact Us for a free quote.